3 Reminders When You Want To Give Up

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Last week wasn’t my most shining example of success.  Milan had the flu so homeschooling was pretty much a bust. She was sick Monday through Friday with a high fever and horrible belly ache. My time was filled with keeping the babies away from their favorite person in the world and running my businesses as usual. Luckily the other kids didn’t catch it. Once she recovered I tried to cram a week’s worth of homeschooling into a child that was more eager to do Halloween activities instead of her studies.

Haunted Hollow Halloween 2013

She had been in bed all week and was ready to get out. We had less than 48 hours to learn all of our material for Monday which is testing day with a tutor. I was pushing, cramming, and bribing my way through the lessons trying to get Milan up to speed quickly. It wasn’t clicking. I was literally banging my head against the wall. I felt like I was failing my child.


Later on in the day I told my husband, “This isn’t working.  I’m not cut-out for homeschooling and my child is suffering in the process.”

I was having a setback and a breakdown of sorts.  He took it upon himself to work with Milan on her math, (the subject that was giving us huge trouble) and drilled her until she got it. He’s so good like that. Afterwards I took Milan on an errand. We were walking down a store aisle going over our possessive pronouns. We were both feeling overwhelmed and a bit defeated, but kept going because that is what we do.  A very well dressed man approached me and said he was extremely impressed and had never seen a mama study like that with her child. He also said, “Keep doing what you’re doing!”  He was my angel that day. Little did he know I was on the brink of giving up and he gave me that encouragement just when I most needed it.

On Monday, Milan aced 6 out of 7 subjects. It was “medieval dress-up day” with a wonderful potluck feast. I was surrounded by my community of homeschool mamas and was recharged, refocused.  I remembered all of the reasons why I homeschool. Watching my child learn and play with the other homeschooled children made our crazy weekend a complete blur.









Here are 3 simple reminders in times you want to give-up.

1.       Remember your WHY.

I homeschool because I don’t want to miss these years with my children. Teaching character, manners, instilling values, and many wonderful lessons abound which wouldn’t be afforded during a school day.   I want them to see firsthand how to live and be respectful, caring adults.  I feel like, as their mother, I am the best teacher they could ever have.  I have flexibility to schedule our day to what we want to do as a family. I enjoy exposing my kids to different ways of learning that wouldn’t be possible without schooling at home.









  Ask for HELP.

Expressing my feelings to my husband wasn’t a pity party; it was a cry for help.  He stepped up and took over in my moment of weakness.  It worked.  Milan aced her math. We realized, as parents, we weren’t meant to do this alone.  You don’t have to be superhuman. We need to recognize when we need to delegate and let go.











Having a community that shares the same values and commitment is crucial to my success. Homeschooling with other families that understand and appreciate the struggles, joys and everything that goes along with educating our children is priceless.  Surrounding ourselves with people that hold us accountable provides a shared source of help and encouragement.




Life, biz and raising kids will have their ups and downs. We can choose to focus on overwhelm or view challenges as opportunities. The rewards far outweigh the moments of chaos.




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Doing Business Our Way. Family Style!

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This past weekend, I helped my husband with his self-hosted event in Hollywood, Florida. I am blessed that we get to travel to some of the nation’s most gorgeous resorts and properties as a tax write-off! Here is a picture of our view outside of the meeting room. Gorgeous.


My husband and I, early into parenthood, determined that no matter what level of success we had achieved, we weren’t going to lose our family over it. No casualties. We determined we would never sacrifice our marriage or the lives of our children on our way to the top. We’ve witnessed multi-millionaires even billionaires build the most amazing companies, but have lost their spouses or families in the process. Doubt it was worth it. Bobby and I have decided, we would never find out.

Learning from some of the most successful people around us, we thought it was wise to have healthy boundaries to protect our marriage and children. These borders have kept our family safe from anything coming before it and damaging the people that bring us true happiness. These limits do not confine our relationships, but instead give us the freedom to do what we need to do without worry or fear.

One of the ways to prevent casualties is to have our children with us most of the time. Is there an added cost doing this? Yes. Does it bring stressors to the situation that normally wouldn’t be there? Yes. Will it require some extra planning on our part? Absolutely. The benefits far outweigh what others would call “inconveniences”.  This past weekend was no exception. Here is a pic of Enzo (our youngest) with nanny Alba during last weekend’s event.

Enzo witnessed daddy and mommy doing what they love first-hand. At 2.5 months old I doubt he will remember “the time daddy taught 65 doctors how to adjust a wrist” but we will. It was fun and our attendees loved him! Having our kiddies at work shows our clients and customers the way we do business…family style. We do it in a professional and supported way. The kids are never running around unattended. They have fun and we are able to get the job done. I know it seems impossible to mix biz and kidz. There ARE ways to incorporate family into your everyday business without making it look like a 3-ring circus. Just plan ahead and it can work seamlessly like it has for us. The key is finding support and saying “yes” to help.

We have found great support for our children using…

1.       Craigslist-found our “mommy assistant” by posting an ad.

2.       Care.com-found nanny Alba by posting an ad

3.       Seeking Sitters-friends have had great success using this site

4.       Churches & homeschool groups-great resource for finding support that share your faith and values

5.       Family & friends

The kids aren’t the only ones to tag along. My husband and I really enjoy our professional relationship almost much as our marriage/parenting relationship. We prefer to travel together to support each other’s business. We work best as a team as well as we do individually. We have our separate companies but have a big role in both. As you can guess it’s not the easiest feat to do while having small children. I’ll be the first to admit it takes extra planning and finances to do this. We make it work. No casualties. Guess where our seminar will be next month?!? The kiddies will be tagging along.

Iphone pics-May2013_Kiylas-phone 866



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How I Booked 100+ Consults My First Week in Business

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That wasn't a typo. You read that right. 


I booked 142 consults my first week in business.


I opened a new biz on January 5 and by the time 

January 31 rolled around I had generated

tens of thousands of dollars in revenues. 


The best thing was it cost me less than $500!


If you want to generate leads fast, the BEST thing 

you can do is to expose your services

to a large number of people in a very short period 

of time. 


I did this over ONE weekend.


I scoured over the websites of my local event 

and expo centers looking for upcoming trade 

shows. I found one that cost only $350. This show 

promised thousands of attendees. I hired

a friend of mine that needed some extra cash, 

gave her a script and the rest is history.


If you have just started out or you need a 

boost of new clients to your existing business

go find a show. It's really that easy.


Want to grow your business fast?


Schedule a FREE 15 minute strategy session 

with me here!

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How To Use Facebook Timeline Business Page: Infographic

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Just a month ago I decided to start a Facebook Business Page for A Mommy, 2 Kidz and Million Dollar Biz. I found it a bit intimidating until I stumbled across this little gem. I found it helpful and wanted to share.For those of you that haven't taken the plunge, this gives you a quick run-down of the features. BTW… I use my biz page to share my top business tips while I get to interact with my favorite people. You can "LIKE" my page it by clicking here

How to Use Facebook Timeline Business Page [ infographic ]

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5 Keys To Help The Back To School Blues

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[pictured above is Milan going over her math with Meemaw]


Sending your kids back to school can be a tough thing to do especially when they are young.  There is a lot of separation anxiety and mixed emotions for mothers.  

There is also a little fear and anxiety about leaving home for the students too. When your child has spent so much time with you everyday it is hard to leave mom and dad and go off on this new adventure. 

You may hear them say,  “I don’t want to go to school today mommy” but keep in mind that they will be coming home and the first week is the hardest.  Not only that, but you may have more time to do other things like read a book, start a business, go back to school or work, or just get the housework done.  

According to the American Psychological Association, “Working with your children to build resilience and manage their emotions can be beneficial for the psychological health of the whole family.” 


Here are 5 ways to make going back-to-school a better experience for the whole family:

  1. Routine is very important.  During the summer break we usually relax and get used to sleeping later and staying up later.  It can be a major shock jumping back into the swing of things.  Practice the routine in advance.  Get up early a few days before school starts.  Try to make getting up early something that is fun.  Have a morning ritual that you do together like going out for donuts together, making breakfast together, or turning on the radio and singing early morning songs while everyone makes their beds.  


 2. Get Organized.  Organize the backpacks, binders, lunch boxes, cafeteria money, and other school supplies the day before.  When I was a kid I was a total nerd.  I loved everything about school.  I loved the smell of new school supplies, getting new books, the Lisa Frank back pack that smelled like new plastic, I loved shopping for school supplies early to beat the frenzy at the store, I EVEN loved getting up in the morning and catching the school bus.  I think this was mostly because my mom took me to her college classes when I was a kid.  It must have really made an impact on me.  

Here is a great way to inspire a little excitement about the first day of school for all the creative kids out there:  go and get your school supplies a few days early and have a decorating party with your kids at the kitchen table.  Get out the puffy paint and have your kid decorate a folder that is all theirs or a composition book to write all of their thoughts and feelings in.  This could be a great memory!


 3. Make friends & Get involved.  Our kids look to us for guidance on how to respond to people and social situations.  There are many reasons getting to know people and building friendships is important. Not only do you make friends and gain fulfillment but you are building a community support system that can invest in you and your family  as well as provide opportunities for your family to give back to the community.  Not to mention, you’ll gain a better idea of what kind of people your kids are spending their time with.  

 Walk around your neighborhood, get to know the other families on your block, join parent teacher organizations, organize play dates for the young kids, and look for safe hang out places for the older kids like a recreation center, swimming pool, park, or better yet – your house.


 4. Talk to your kids.  Listen to them.  Ask them specific questions about how they are feeling.  Let them know that you understand how they must feel.  Ask them how they think you can help them.  Ask if you can make a suggestion.  Give them advice and direction.  But remember we have to ears and one mouth.  Our kids learn how to communicate from their parents.


5. Encourage your kids.  Don’t fall into the avoidance trap, avoiding things that are scary, like going to school.  Instead encourage your kids to face their fears.  As they face their fears they gain confidence.  As you constantly encourage and speak good things about them, to them, and to other people in front of them, they will begin to believe the positive things you say about them.  

Just watch their face light up when you say how awesome they are at writing, or how much you love their kindness to their sister, or what a smart kid they are because they can count all the way to 10 or they have mastered algebra.  If you have trouble with doing this, that’s okay.  It is hard sometimes at first.  Mostly because many of us grew up with critical parents who had negative self-talk.  Practice saying these good things about yourself too, it will become easier with time.

It's always a good idea to get your business done during the day so when your kids get home from school you can devote 100% of your time to really get to know how they felt about their day.  It means a lot to them when they get one-on-one time with mom and dad.  Dinner discussions are vital to getting to know how my children feel about all that goes on during their school day and what to look forward to tomorrow.”  

Special Thanks to My Friends at Family & Life Solutions
2121 S. Columbia Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114, Suite 301 | Phone: (918) 281-6060

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Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest To Build Your Brand

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Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest

The response I’ve heard surrounding Pinterest all echoes the same sentiment: “this is seriously addicting.” As someone who is easily distracted by sparkly things, I’ve forbidden myself from using Pinterest at work (only, of course, to thoroughly research this post…).

Do we really need another social network to waste hours of our lives? Better yet, how has a network that is still invitation-only managed to get 2.7 million users (and that is just those who are signing in with Facebook)?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool used to “pin” images found around the Web into categorized collections, or boards. Think of it like an interactive, shareable scrapbook. Like any good social network, you can follow other users, share their content, make comments, and tag users. Similar to a Twitter stream, you get real-time updates of what the people you follow are pinning.  You can also easily share your pins on Facebook and Twitter.

While there aren’t a lot of brands using Pinterest yet, I expect that to change very soon. The audience on Pinterest is different from the major social networks because most people use it to find inspiration, whether they are hosting a party, getting married, remodeling their bathroom, or looking for a recipe for dinner. In other words, many are using Pinterest to help guide their buying decisions. If a user finds something they like on Pinterest, there is a good chance they will at least click the source link and, at most, make a purchase.

Why People Are Obsessed

Pinterest combines two of the most compelling elements of social media: visual content and sharing who you are. Oh, and everything looks really pretty… image


Although Pinterest is still “invite only,” you can request an invite on the site with a pretty quick turnaround for access. You can also login using your Facebook or Twitter account for instant access. The Pinterest user interface is extremely intuitive — so much so that I think the quickest way to “get it” is to join and from there it’s very self-explanatory. But, there wouldn’t be much to this post if I told everyone to just go join Pinterest…


Before I get into how this social network can be beneficial for brands, here’s a quick overview of Pinterest’s features:



A pin is an image or video, either from a website or uploaded from the user. A description can (and should) be added to pins.


Pins can be organized by topic, called boards. By default, Pinterest starts users off with a bunch of boards, but these can be deleted or renamed to suit a user’s interests. Within my pin boards, I’ve created collections of everything from recipes I want to try to countries I’ve visited to ideas for organizing my home to nail polishes I think are pretty (don’t judge me).



Like Twitter, you can follow anyone, even if they aren’t following you back. You have the option to follow all of another user’s boards, or you can just select certain boards to follow. You can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account, which makes it easy to find all of your friends already using Pinterest.


image image

Repins are the “retweets” of the Pinterest world. Repinning is sharing an image pinned by someone you follow or found while browsing Pinterest, and then adding it to one of your own boards. Repinning gives credit to the person who first pinned the image. You can also edit (or add to) the description when you repin something. Source links also stay on the pin no matter how many times it is repinned. You don’t need to be following someone to repin from them.


Liking a pin just adds it to the “Likes” on your profile, but doesn’t add it to one of your boards. Again, you don’t need to be following someone to like their pin.


You can add a “Pin It” button right into your browser to easily pin things you come across on the Internet (this is currently only available for Chrome). image

You’re given a choice of which image to use from the page you are pinning:


You then select which board to add the pin to, and can add a description:


The source link is automatically pulled in:



Anytime you pin something, you can easily share it on Twitter and Facebook:


There are also share buttons alongside any pin you click on:



On the surface, Pinterest may seem too niche to benefit a wide range of brands. As with any network, once Pinterest grows there will most likely be features added specifically for businesses (promoted pins? sponsored boards?). For now,  there are 3 main benefitsfor brands using this network….

1. Get Seen

Funny Friendship Ecard: You can only stalk your friends on facebook for so long, but there is always new stuff on pinterest. Pinterest levels the playing field for smaller retail businesses that don’t have the budget or resources to compete in search results. If I search for jeans on Google Shopping, I’m going to see Levi’s and a bunch of other brands I already know sell jeans. “Discoverability” is a word I’ve seen thrown around a lot regarding Pinterest. Meaning, Pinterest helps people find new products/brands/styles they would normally not come across by plugging keywords into a search engine. Chances are, the people I choose to follow on Pinterest have similar taste to me. I know I can check out their pin boards and probably see pins of jeans that would suit my taste. If I do a search for jeans on Pinterest, I know I’ll find trendy options and smaller brands I don’t know about, or even a DIY project for turning an old pair of jeans into a mini skirt. If I search for jeans tomorrow, I will see something new since results change as new pins are added.

2. Building Links

Anytime someone pins something from your site, it automatically pulls in not just the image from your site, but also a link. There is a chance for that pin to be repinned multiple times (even hundreds of times, in some cases), building up a healthy amount of backlinks. Here’s a great post that makes the case for linkbuilding on Pinterest. You can see if people are pinning things from your site by replacing “yoursitename.com” in this link with your URL:  http://pinterest.com/source/yoursitename.com/

3. Brand Advocacy

If people love your products and they’re on Pinterest, they will not only pin your stuff, but they might dedicate an entire pin board to your brand.  True story: I have an entire board dedicated to Essie & OPI nail polish (again, don’t judge).

Need proof people are voluntarily hawking products? Just look at some of the Diet Coke-related things I’ve seen:



1. Follow, Repin & Like others  As with any other social network, you need to share the love. This is also the best way to zero in on influencers and encourage them to follow you back and repin your pins by frequently sharing their pins.

2. Encourage employees to set up their own accounts Build clout as an industry authority by letting your staff showcase how passionate they are about your field. For example, this Kate Spade graphic designer has a few pins of her company’s products, but more importantly she demonstrates she’s a tuned in part of the fashion community by being active on this network.

3. Create boards BEYOND your products and your brand… …yet still related to your industry. For example, a home decor company could pin do-it-yourself books and a bakery could pin some favorite kitchen gadgets.

4. Add a Pinterest icon Let your audience know you’re here by adding a Pinterest icon to your other on-site social buttons.

5. Incorporate a “Pin It” button Even if you aren’t going to set up a profile on Pinterest, you can still get your brand involved by including a “pin it” button on your product pages or blog posts. You can also add the button to blog posts using the WordPress Pinterest plugin.

image image


Who’s already here? Some major brands using Pinterest include:


Currently, this community is best suited for retail, lifestyle, food, home decor, design, publishers, and travel brands. Only brands with visually-appealing content have something to offer the community.

If irrelevant brands take over, Pinterest’s intimate feel could be sacrificed. Self-promoting brands risk being shunned by Pinterest’s tight-knit community and it’s stated in the Pinterest ethics that self-promotion is discouraged. Anytime a new social networks comes along, it is tempting for businesses to jump in. Given that Pinterest is toeing the line of a niche community, this network is not — and never will be —  for everyone.

Brands that find the most success on Pinterest will be the ones that put aside self-promotion and add value to the community in a way that is unique to their business.

Do you think Pinterest is just a passing fad or do you think it has staying power? Do you think the “Pin It” button will become as ubiquitous as the “Like” button?

Follow me on Pinterest: Click Here!

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Best Times To Tweet And Post On Facebook For Highest Click-Throughs

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn…ack…so much to do…so little time! Social media is fun and a savvy way to build brand awareness but how can a person keep up with all of it? Lucky for me I just happened to stumble across this nifty little infographic that simply lays out the best times to post. All I have to say is, "buy this guy a beer and get his dog Sam one too. People that share cool info like this should have a special place in heaven. I want to run my biz as efficiently as possible. To do that I need to know the best times to post for the highest click-throughs.

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How To Use Twitter: Easy Infographic And Slide Show

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Kiyla Fenell Talks Twitter


Twitter is one of those thing I haven’t been able to get my head around until now. I got extremely frustrated trying to get past the 2,000 following limit mark.



I just threw in the towel.

People in my circles are having great success so…. I’ve reluctantly been lured back in. Thanks to Cheryl Lawson CEO and founder of Party Aficionado I can now say confidently that I “get” the whole Twitter thing. I must not be the only one that got excited when I saw this. Her infographic has received tens of thousands of shares. She lays it out so simply and visually that even my 6 year old could run my Twitter account. Hey, there’s an idea! I am always learning and when I stumble across something that teaches me in a powerful way I like to pass it on to my “tweeps”. Impressed? Haha! Enjoy.

BTW…help me get past that darned 2,000 mark and follow me. Thanks.

Become my tweep follower here: www.twitter.com/kiylafenell


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111 Ways to Get Your Biz in Front of More Eyeballs!

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I once read an article from the Direct Marketing Association that said at any given time, you could expect that only about 3% of your target market is actively looking to buy the type of product or service you offer. THREE PERCENT!

So if the other 97% is not looking for you… you have to go out and look for them!

And while you’re at it, you might as well go looking for that 3%, too, so that you find them before they find your competitor.

(By the way, the idea that there’s “no competition” if you just stay true to your authentic self if ludicrous. But I’ll address that in another post.)

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you. It’s the first and most important tenet in the expression, “people buy from people they know, like and trust.”

When it’s spelled out this way, it all sounds pretty obvious. But I never cease to be amazed by the business owners I meet who complain that they don’t have enough clients and yet are simultaneously unwilling to take action or try something new.

I’ve literally had people say things to me such as, “I don’t like to go around saying what I do. I prefer to wait until I know if that person is a good fit for my business and then I let them know that I’m a coach/consultant/trainer/therapist/etc.”

My response to these types of cop-outs is always the same: “So how’s that workin’ for ya?

(You’ll have to excuse my brashness today. If you can’t tell, this is one topic that really gets me fired up! smiley)

The thing is, whether you have a professional services business or you sell information products or some combination of both, one of the critical ingredients to growing and SUSTAINING your business is to get your business/services/products/etc. in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

That means getting in front of many more than the few hundred or even a few thousand people who subscribe to your your e-zine list, like your Facebook fan page, follow your tweets or happen to stumble across your website.

To truly be successful and grow your small business, your end-to-end marketing system must include actively extending your reach to your target market on a continual basis.

How do you know which small business marketing and client attraction methods are best? Take into account a combination of things, such as: What strategies will help you reach the most of the right people with the least amount of time and energy? Which strategies do you most enjoy and, thus, are most likely to stick with? And what is your time frame and budget?

A big part of this is also simple trial and error. But don’t give up on a tactic after just one attempt. There’s a learning curve involved, and marketing requires frequency.

There’s truly no limit to the creative ways you can get your “offer” in front of more people and attract more clients. To get you started thinking broader, I’ve put together a list of 111 ways you can get your small business out in front of more eyeballs. If you offer a service or product that can improve people’s lives, then you’re doing a disservice to the world by not letting more people know about it.

All I ask is that you take one small step every week to expand your reach. smiley

Live Events

1. Go to networking events

2. Attend professional conferences and seminars

3. Get paid to speak

4. Speak for free

5. Exhibit at trade shows, expos and fairs

6. Host a trade show hospitality suite

7. Sponsor events (charity, sporting, professional, community, etc.)

8. Host your own networking event

9. Invite target clients to an “open house” at your place of business

10. Hold a grand opening/re-opening of your business

11. Participate in charity or community events

12. Reserve a hospitality suite at sporting venues

13. Invite target clients to a wine tasting

14. Conduct a free or low-cost workshop in your community

Print and Direct Mail Materials

15. Create and distribute a catalog of your products

16. Develop a marketing brochure highlighting your services

17. Mail out a sales letter (send by FedEx or UPS to clients you really want to land)

18. Write a book

19. Send out postcards

20. Giveaway bookmarks, sticky notes, notebooks, etc.

21. Buy an ad in the local phone book (but be sure to get the online listing too)

22. Submit your business to local business directories

23. Place ads in local newsletters (i.e. community, church bulletins, etc.)

24. Hand out at least 10 business cards a week to people you meet

25. Send out yearly calendars with your branding

26. Wear logoed apparel (i.e. t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.)

27. Carry a re-usable bag with your business logo when you go shopping

28. Put your brand prominently on all of your product packaging

Media Publicity & Advertising

29. Invest in magazine and newspaper advertising

30. Buy radio and TV spots in your local market

31. Send letters to the editor of your local paper

32. Write opinion editorials (OpEds) related to your area of expertise

33. Submit byline articles (i.e. articles written by you) to trade magazines

34. Give radio and TV interviews

35. Be an expert source for magazine or newspaper reporters

36. Record podcasts and post them on iTunes

37. Give internet and satellite radio interviews

38. Distribute press releases

39. Hold a press conference (if you have something really BIG to announce)

40. Author a recurring column in a local business publication

41. Go on a media tour (be sure to hire a PR pro to help you)

42. Request an editorial board meeting with influential publications in your industry

43. Film your own “infomercial” and post it online

44. Join speakers’ bureaus

45. Get listed in expert directories (like Profnet)

Online Promotions

46. Have multiple websites, each dedicated to a specific product, service or target market

47. Publish an e-zine or e-newsletter

48. Buy ads in other people’s e-zines

49. Submit articles to other people’s e-zines

50. Conduct cross promotions (like co-registration) with other e-zines

51. Publish a blog

52. Comment on other people’s blogs

53. Contribute guest articles to blogs

54. Submit your blog to blog directories

55. Get your blog listed on other people’s blog rolls

56. Sponsor banner ads on other people’s websites and blogs

57. Promote your business in your e-mail signature line

58. Set up an affiliate program

59. Invest in pay-per-click advertising on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing

60. Publish a free e-book, special report or e-course

61. Host free audio seminars, podcasts or webcasts

62. Post videos showcasing your expertise

63. Submit articles to article databases

64. Send out video e-mails

65. Set up a free Google profile page

66. Submit your website to search engine listings

67. Craft online sales letters and squeeze pages

Social Media

68. Establish a Facebook personal profile

69. Start a Facebook “fan page” or “group”

70. Purchase Facebook pay-per-click advertising

71. Participate in Facebook conversations

72. Create your own YouTube channel and post frequent videos

73. Create a LinkedIn profile

74. Form your own LinkedIn group

75. Set up a Twitter account with a custom background

76. Post your favorite links to online “bookmarking” sites

77. Create a members-only online network (i.e. Savor the Success)

78. Participate in online forum discussions

79. Hold a special promotion through sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.com

Outdoor Advertising

80. Buy billboard space

81. Have your vehicle decaled

82. Put magnets or stickers on your car

83. Invest in “yard” signs

84. Hang outdoor logoed banners

85. Pass out flyers

86. Purchase signage on the sides of buses

87. Advertise on taxi tops

88. Invest in airport terminal signage

89. Buy bus, train and subway station ads

90. Post announcements on community bulletin boards at coffee shops, etc.

91. Sponsor signage at sporting venues

92. Sponsor your local little league team’s uniforms

93. Hire those crazy guys twirling signs to stand near closest intersection

94. Pay a guy (or gal) to wear a costume and hand out coupons

95. Go all out with a “guerilla” marketing campaign

Special Promotions

96. Put “QR” codes linked to your website on your marketing materials

97. Have a custom iPhone App developed

98. Hold a sale or offer a special discount

99. Give out “refer a friend” coupons

100. Hold a contest

101. Offer a special edition or limited edition product

102. Give a “gift with purchase”

103. Host a celebrity appearance and offer a photo opp

104. Give away free samples

105. Invite the local radio station to broadcast from your place of business

106. Hold a live demonstration (think Home Depot paint department)

107. Offer an autograph signing from a local celeb

108. Give away chachkas/chotskies (i.e. pens, key chains, mugs, magnets, etc.)

109. Sponsor an “experience” marketing event (i.e. rock climbing, “money” chambers, etc.)

110. Run a referral program contest – whoever refers the most people wins a prize

111. Create a loyalty programs (i.e. point programs)

Known as The Corporate Agent, Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, teaches micro business owners and solopreneurs around the world how to grow their small business by working with Big Business. Get her FREE CD and articles at www.TheCorporateAgent.com.

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How to Fix the Problems in Your Business

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I will admit that when I first started my business over 18 years ago every little hiccup threw me into panic mode.  However, as the years went on and the more accustomed I got to the proverbial bumps in the road, I learned to respond to them in a very different way.

Problems and Dissatisfaction Are Symptoms of Something Else Going On

First of all, I want you to view problems differently.  In every situation that I had a problem or an extreme dissatisfaction in my business, I quickly realized that it was an opportunity to make my business even better.

Problems Expose Leaks

Problems expose things that were not working right in my business.  Problems expose a breakdown of systems, or lack thereof. The moment the problem was exposed, I determined it would never be a limitation to me or my business again.

Problems Can Lead Us To Answers

Suddenly I welcomed problems, pressure or dissatisfaction because it caused me and my team to seek answers.  Solving these issues once and for all provided us the energy and time to move on to greater things and we no longer were limited to what held us back in the past.  See how great “problems” can be? 

2 Key Issues That Problems Reveal:

1.        A lack of systems, communication and/or policies

2.       A breakdown in systems, communication and/or policies

Here Are 7 Simple Steps To Fix Problems In Your Business:

1.        Acknowledge the problem or dissatisfaction

2.       Define the underlying issue causing the problem (usually a lack of a system)

3.       Fix the problem as quickly as possible

4.       Put systems, policies and/or communication procedures into place to support the proper outcome every time

5.       Provide proper training for new systems, policies and procedures

6.       Make someone responsible to oversee and carry out the system

7.       Hold weekly/monthly accountability calls/meeting with written reports to monitor the systems (if you do not have staff, run the reports and have accountability calls with your business consultant)

Problems should provide us the motivation to find solutions and drive us to seize the opportunities.  Allow these uncomfortable situations to be the door to your business breakthroughs.

©2012 Kiyla Fenell

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